As a young person, I grew up on the Bronx, on the streets, and I had a lot of trauma to my face. We shan’t get into that. Then in the military I also had some trauma. I had a broken jaw and I had a lot of damage here to the teeth. In the military they do fast and quick. They really never did a perfect job on you and I never wanted to go to the VA, so I just lived with it. I had sort of a crooked smile. I’ve still got a little bit of one.

As you get older, because if you’ve had these traumas, the roots start to have problems. Most of the other dentists that’s looked at it and if something would occur, they’d patch it up. He was the first guy to say, “Hey, let’s halt that process,” and I said, “How do you do that, pal?” He says, “It’s a little bit strenuous on your part. You’re going to have to go through a lot.” He says, “I’m going to sleeve that damaged area. I’m going to send you to another doctor that’s going to straighten out your mouth,” so I can get good occlusions of all the teeth in here. He says, “I’m going to cap most of the teeth.” I says, “If it’s cosmetic, forget it. I’m not that interested in being pretty, but if it’s health-wise, yes, I’m interested.” He says, “It’s 80/20. 80% health-wise and 20% cosmetic.” I says, “Now you’re hitting me. If it’s going to improve my health and prevent other things from happening to me later in life, let’s do it.”

Everything he said came true, so yes, I do have a great deal of confidence. Do I recommend him to my friends? Without any hesitation or reservation whatsoever.


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