With the other dentist that I went to it’s just your standard go in and get cleaning and maybe an occasional filling here and there, but he was extremely thorough in what he did and what he found. I was impressed with the technology that he used to find it. He has a nice blend of really current technology with the standard way of practicing dentistry.

He really laid out what we were going to do first. Work on the cavities, I had some TMJ things going on and he explained about splints and different ways that we could work at that. I had some tinnitus going on, and he seemed to be very in-depth with how to really work through that and things that we could accomplish through dentistry to maybe fix or take care of that problem. He was very thorough on the steps that we need to take.

He wasn’t pushy and, this is what you need to do and this is how you need to do it. He was very open-minded to how I wanted to approach my health care and what I was going to do with dental. It wasn’t a one size fits all approach. It was here’s what I suggest and here’s what I think. Tell me what you think and we can adapt and adjust accordingly.

In my life the most important is my family, so having come here myself and got a feel for the care that I have gotten from the entire staff. Everyone from the front receptionist all the way down to the doctor has been so good. I can’t say enough about how thorough he is in his exams. The things that he found were just, I just had no idea. Being having gone to all those other dentist and no one really picked up on any of these things just was hardening to me.

The fact that he found all that and how thorough he was made me very very confident in sending my entire family here. I would have no trouble at all recommending my friends or anybody that I know who’s looking for a good dentist to come to the practice for sure.


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