I had gone to a dentist before in another town, and they just weren’t very professional. They’re very professional here. Sometimes my appointments last longer than they probably should because it’s so friendly and it keeps me coming back. I never smiled a lot in general as a kid on, but I’ve always just been comfortable in general, and he’s never pushed me to get braces if I want to do it. They don’t push you along to get more services done that you don’t need. He’s gone through and checked things and fixed things for the last four or five years for him. If I’ve ever had any issues, okay, I take his word for it and go with it. Definitely kept me more healthy I guess, helped me with my … I had high blood pressure. It was known in my family, and I just never took care of it.

They definitely showed me the right direction, you know, “Hey, you need to go to your doctor and get that corrected before anything else happens.” Definitely give me a little push. Half of my office comes here. Most of us commute from a long distance, and some of them have been coming here since before Dr. [V 00:01:17], so that says a lot to his staff that have been around, that they like to stay with it.


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