I come here for regular cleanings, and any kind of dental work that I need done. They always do a top-notch job. It’s always very, what I would say, quality-oriented. What’s nice is, before they do any kind of a procedure, I always get an estimate from them, or a work-up on it. It tells exactly what they’re going to do, how much it’s going to cost, how much my insurance will cover. I appreciate that. That’s nice, to know upfront, what it’s going to be. Then, I make the decision whether I want to go forward or not. I’ve been to dentists before, where you feel like they’re trying to find stuff to do for you, so they can make more money. I never feel like that here. I feel like there’s genuine concern, and I trust them. That’s a big deal to me. Trust is very important to me. You always get a great greeting when you walk in the front door. You feel like you’re family, and that’s important to me. I would not hesitate one bit to recommend them, for anybody, to come here.


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