Well, it started with my dad. He was looking for a new dentist because he wasn’t really that fond of his old one. He came here to get his teeth cleaned actually and he just had so much fun when he came here. He told my mom about it and then my mom came and she had some stuff done to her teeth and then she was like, “Oh, men. Those people are super nice,” so then, we started coming here and we loved it so much. It’s just how we’ve ended up here. Our whole family loved it here.

They’re very informing about what they’re going to do. I came in for a cavity one time and they were giving me a shot to numb my cheek and they’re really gentle and made sure that my cheek was numb and my teeth, that I couldn’t feel anything the whole time. Just making sure that I was comfortable a couple times. It’s really nice.

When I came here the first time, they had asked me what I did for a job and I just got to talking and they told me a little bit about dental assisting and I really, actually thought what they were saying was pretty interesting. I looked into it, so I’ll be able to start doing that pretty soon. They’re just really nice.

They’re super nice. They’re always making sure that their patients are comfortable and that you’re always pretty much leave with a smile.


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