I started coming here just a couple of months ago by reference from pretty much everyone that I worked with. I told them that I was going to the dentist in Grants Pass for a long time. They said, “You got to try our dentist!” Made an appointment and came. Got checked out. They have some pretty state-of-the-art technology here that my other dentist didn’t have. They found some fairly serious issues where I needed a couple of dental implants and some crowns and what not, because of some broken teeth that I had.

Immediately he created a plan to help me get out of the immediate pain that I was in. He changed his schedule, worked through a lunch on a time, only time that I could be here. Instead of leaving to take a lunch, he stayed and made sure that I was able to come in, get the filling in the crown that I needed to replace one that was failing, and get me out of pain from an infection that had happened because of that. For me, that was really important; that he saw important that was to me and how much pain I was. He made it a priority and changed his own schedule to fit mine so I could be out of pain.

I’ve already referred my wife who’s been in. To my other friends and family members that I would like to recommend, I would definitely let them know that if you’re looking for someone who’s compassionate, caring, has the best technology, and comes highly recommended … There’s only one place that I found in Medford that has that and that’s Dr. V’s office.


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