I would wake up a lot with the jaw pain. I have some composite built up on my teeth that my orthodontist put in when I got my braces off to help shape my teeth because I had grinded them away when I was little. I’m still grinding at them. I would break that off in my sleep, so I would wake up and it would feel like rocks in my mouth. That wasn’t very fun and so I came here. I’m like, “I can’t keep going back to my orthodontist and having him shape my teeth. How can we permanently fix this?”

He looked into it. He really took all the steps, X-rays, models, all of that. It’s really helped because it’s not as painful. I don’t wake up with shattered teeth in my mouth. I have a little guard to protect it and keep my teeth in place, too, so they don’t keep moving around without wearing my retainer at night. It’s kind of like a retainer, but it also really helps with the jaw pain and keeps my jaw in place.

One of my favorite stories to tell is my hygienist, when she found out that I wanted to maybe go into the dental field, while Dr. V was looking at my teeth, she went off of the computer and she printed out the pre-reqs that I have. They really get personal and she wanted me and encouraged me to go to college and go here, where she went, and she wanted to see me do well.

I tell them that they’re really friendly and they get to know you and they’re than just your dentist, they’re your friends. They do great work. My mom has so much work done on her teeth and I do, too, and we love it. This isn’t a place like, “Ugh, we have to go to the dentist.” It’s like, “Oh, we get to go to the dentist and we get to talk to them and hang out with them while they do their job.” I think it’s great that they love doing what they do, too.


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