When I was a kid, actually, I had a bunch of cavities in my mouth and the dentist was really rude and kind of mean to me and I was really afraid of needles back then, so that was a really hard experience for me. Then I went many years without having a need to have anything like that happen again. I recently got some more cavities in my mouth at the age of 19, which is awesome, so I came back here, and I heard some great things about this dentist office.

He did a great job in quenching my fears, I guess, quelling those and just helping me feel a lot better about the situation I was in. He calmed me down and I was able to get past those childhood embedded fears of needles in my mouth. It was a different dentist and that’s when he told me I had all the cavities in my mouth. Well it’s been about 10 years, so I was a little bit skeptical. I wanted to come get a secondary opinion on all that because you hear all the time that dentists kind of “Oh, yeah. You have tons of cavities” but in reality you don’t. Well he showed me on the x-ray. “Here’s your cavities, this is what they look like, this is what they are, and this is why they need to come out.”

I would totally highly recommend it just because of the way he treated me and the way he treated his procedures. It was a super professional and super caring, I guess. He has really great bedside manner for someone like me who has anxiety over the dentist office, that really helped me feel more comfortable here.


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