The thing I appreciate about Dr. Dimitrios Valredzis and his staff is that they are professional, certainly caring and, one biggie for me, is that they really communicate about the procedures prior to performing the procedure, so it takes away any anxiety or stress that you might naturally have by going to the dentist.

Dr. Dimetrie is an excellent communicator, explains the procedure in layman’s language so that you can understand what he’s going to do. He has a way of putting you at ease before the procedure which, again, that I think for mental purposes of the patient and for me, that really is a big plus.

Before you leave here, they pretty much know exactly. They’ve checked and done their homework as far as what coverages are going to cover and what insurance is or if you have multiple coverage. They’re really dialed in that way which I think is really, really customer friendly because, sometimes as the consumer, we go to a dental office and it’s sort of a crap shoot as “Gee, I hope they pay for this.” One thing about Hillcrest Dental, it’s really great, before you leave they usually have that dialed in and you pretty much know what’s going on. For me, as a guy, that is really important.

Well, we have recommended this practice to some people that attend our church that are now going here, to friends that we have that are looking for a dentist and, basically, the thing that we tell them is that they’re friendly, very professional, have the latest in technological equipment and they’re really caring for you and sort of take away the old-time dental stress. That’s pretty much along those lines is how we communicate to people. We’ve had at least a couple people I can think of that have come here as a result of that.


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