I’ve always had a hard time sleeping at night. Not necessarily sleeping, but I always find myself waking up. I’m always kind of on the edge of still being tired all day long and that’s been going on for, like I said, about ten years now. It started getting a little bit worse over the last six to eight months. I would find myself waking up forty-five minutes after I’d go to sleep and then being up for three or four hours a night and just not being able to go back to sleep. Then my wife would be complaining that I snore all the time. She’s always elbowing me in the ribs and stuff. That’s really what kind of led me to even have it checked out.

I honestly didn’t realize that they did that with the dentist’s office, which was really cool. I came in for a teeth cleaning and kind of stumbled across it, if you will. Now I sleep completely through the night. I have a lot of energy in the mornings now when I get up and throughout the day as well. I’ve noticed a big difference in that and now my wife isn’t complaining as much, either. I don’t snore anymore, or if I do, it’s very, very minute, according to my wife. Yeah, it’s night and day from where I was before. I would definitely recommend it to anybody, come up here. Like I said, I’ve been coming here for a long time and I wouldn’t change.


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