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Dealing with restorative dentistry, it's kind of a wide range. There's a wide range with what we can do. Basically, we're dealing with patients that either have lost some teeth and they want to basically bring their mouth back up to function. The other part of restorative dentistry is that, we don't just look at teeth, we look at how the teeth are functioning based on the whole system.

We look at the jaw joint. We look at muscles. We try to establish if there is a relationship, or a lack of relationship, between the position of the jaw joint and the position of the teeth. That's very, very critical because that allows us to custom make somebody's smile or somebody's bite based on the rest of the anatomy that is contributing to how things work.

At Hillcrest Family Dentistry, of course we have simple procedures like dental cleanings and exams. But since we are dedicated to treating the dental needs of your whole family, we can restore almost any mouth to its original, healthy look and feel. Dr. Vareldzis has studied at the OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry, giving him training in a comprehensive approach that maximizes both the function and beauty of your teeth. With these services, you and your family can get back to looking, feeling, and chewing the way you should.

Safer, More Natural Dental Fillings

Cavities caused by tooth decay are relatively simple compared to some other dental problems, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t painful or in need of proper care. Our Medford, OR dental office does not use metal or amalgam fillings. Instead, we use ceramic and composite tooth fillings. Not only do these fill in any cavities much better than metal, but they also can be made the same color as the tooth itself, meaning the filling will look completely natural. Our in-house inlays and onlays are also natural looking, so they can seal any problems without being noticeable.

Laser Root Canals

When bacteria infect the pulp inside of a tooth, they need to be removed or the entire tooth will have to come out. Rather than extract the tooth, you could save it with a root canal. And thanks to the modern technology available in our dental office, you can get a root canal with much less pain and work. We use a laser in combination with tried-and-true root canal techniques to gently remove any infection.

Porcelain Crowns and Fixed Bridges

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Crowns are a way or a means for us to be able to restore a tooth to its natural form and function in a situation where there's a lot of breakdown and a filling is just not adequate enough for that tooth. Dealing with missing teeth, we have two options to address missing teeth. One option is a bridge. What that is, is a fixed way, meaning that it doesn't come off. A bridge is where you have a missing tooth that's supported by two anchors to other teeth. Generally that works pretty good and we've had good success in dentistry for a long time with bridges; however, with the advent of implants, that has allowed us to eliminate putting stress on the adjacent teeth by recreating a lost tooth by using an implant to support that tooth without putting extra stress on the adjacent teeth.

That missing tooth is more than just an eyesore. It can let bacteria build up next to the teeth on either side of the gap, increasing your chance of gum disease and tooth decay. Besides, don’t you hate seeing that space in your smile? A dental bridge held in place by porcelain crowns can fill the space and make your smile look great.

Long-Lasting Dental Implants

For a longer-lasting solution to a missing tooth, you could use a dental implant. An artificial root is implanted in the jaw directly below the space, and once healed, an artificial tooth is bonded to the root. By using a root like your natural teeth do, you get the same strength and stability with your implant. We can make that artificial tooth look just like your other teeth, so it will fit naturally into your smile.

Full And Partial Dentures

Admittedly, dentures in the past left something to be desired. But technology keeps moving forward, and modern dentures have many options to ensure they fit comfortably, work well, and won’t fall out. Full dentures work well to replace an entire arch of teeth, but if you’re missing only a few, partial dentures could be for you.

Stabilizing the Jaw Joint

Because Dr. Vareldzis studied at the OBI Foundation for Bioethetic Dentistry, he can examine your jaw joint and make sure it’s stable and in the right position before restoring your mouth. This will help make sure you get a full rehabilitation.

Thanks to our technology and modern training, you can restore your mouth to a healthy, functional, and attractive state. To schedule a consultation to see what restorative dentistry options can work best for you and your family, call us at 541-779-4196 or 541-773-4435 or send us a message using our convenient online form.


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