At Hillcrest Family Dentistry, we get how some of you might hate going to the dentist. It doesn’t matter whether you had bad experiences in the past, or you just don’t know how you’ll fit your next appointment into your busy schedule. The worry and fear you feel is real, and it can make you miss the dental care you need. That will only lead to more pain, more frustration, and more cost.

Some offices might just tell you to get past the fear. Right, like it’s that easy. Because we know dental anxiety is a real problem, we have several ways to reduce your worry and get you the care you need.

The Right Environment

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When patients have a lot of fear, they will express it to us, for the most part. There are a couple of ways that we handle patients that are anxious. We can provide Nitrous, which is the traditional name for laughing gas, but some patients, their fears and anxiety goes way beyond that. We do provide what we call an oral sedative. They would basically take a pill one hour before their appointment and that helps drop or reduce their anxiety considerably. Patients that have done treatment with that, they love it, because they don't remember the details, they know what they're coming to us for. At the end of the appointment, they really don't remember all the noise of the drill and all that. For a lot of patients, that's just great. It's a great way to have their dentistry done.

You can probably remember a dentist’s office from the past that was, to be honest, a bit scary and bland at the same time. Whether it was the cold chairs, strange smells, or having to sit right next to someone going through a root canal, it was all a bit much to take in. That usually leads to developing dental anxiety about visiting the dentist. To correct this, our Medford, OR dental office was designed with your comfort in mind. We have blankets to keep you warm and toasty, pillows so you can rest comfortably, and semi-private rooms to give you a chance to be by yourself. At Hillcrest Family Dentistry, everyone can feel cozy.

The Right Staff

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I'm very blessed at this point to have an amazing group of people for my staff, my support staff. My hygienist are excellent. They really care about their patients. They take the time to get to know them. My assistants, which are basically support me, but also, they support the hygienist, very knowledgeable. They love what they do. They love the dentistry, but again, everybody in my staff really is catering towards the patients needs. We try to make them comfortable, get them blankets, pillows, whatever is comfortable to make their experiences as comfortable and easy as possible.

Even if that old dentist’s office had the right stuff around, there’s a chance the staff wasn’t exactly friendly. You’ve met people who are so grumpy, cold, judgmental, and unfriendly that they made you feel uncomfortable just by being the same room. And when they spoke, it’s nothing but gripes and aggravation. They actually cause stress! This is why having the right people is so important. Dr. Vareldzis knows this very well and has carefully chosen his dental team to be professional, soothing, and friendly. Everyone here is personable and goes out of their way to accommodate your needs and concerns.

Likewise, our staff will work with you to get an appointment date and time that best fits your busy schedule. We can offer longer visits so you can get most or all of the work you need done at one time.

The Right Sedation Options

For some of you, a relaxing environment and soothing staff can only do so much. If you’ve had some pretty bad experiences with dentists in the past, or even if you know someone who had that happen, the anxiety might be too much for blankets and kind words to fix. That’s exactly why we offer sedation dentistry — so you can feel comfortable and relaxed to get the dental care you require. We have two sedation dentistry options for you: nitrous oxide and oral medication.

Nitrous oxide is the “laughing gas” you have heard about. It’s delivered through a small mask that fits comfortably over your nose. You breathe in through your nose, and usually you can feel it starting to work in a few minutes. This is conscious sedation; it’s not going to knock you out, so you will be able to hear Dr. Vareldzis and ask or answer any needed questions. But any anxiety you have will simply melt away. If you go with nitrous oxide, you will be able to drive home as normal.

Oral medication are pills designed to help you relax. You’ll almost always remain awake and conscious as with nitrous oxide, but that relaxed, happy feeling will be deeper and long-lasting. The pill needs to be taken one hour before your appointment, and you will need to have someone drive you to our Medford, OR office as well as take you home.

Don’t let pain and discomfort ruin your mood any longer. Thanks to our modern training and technology, we can help alleviate your pain. If you have any questions, or if you want to schedule an appointment to remove that pain, call us today at 541-779-4196 or 541-773-4435 or use our online form.


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