If you have crooked teeth, you probably wished you didn’t. They make your smile look terrible and can interfere with eating and even talking. Ignoring the problem won’t help. It just continues to make you feel nervous and awkward when you smile, and who wants to deal with that? Life is stressful enough without having to worry about people silently judging you for your crooked smile. And this isn’t just a teenager problem. Over time, an adult’s teeth can slip out of alignment as well. Because this affects so many people, Hillcrest Family Dentistry has several options to help.

Short-Term Orthodontics

Braces. No adult wants to wear them, no matter how young they might make you look. It’s just too embarrassing to wear metal braces for two or even three years. If you want a better smile but cannot wear braces for years, Hillcrest Family Dentistry offers short-term orthodontics that can fix crooked teeth in as little as six months. For faster results, you can get Snap-On Smile, a unique system that pops in place over your existing teeth, giving you a white, even smile as soon as you put it on.

Invisalign For A Modern Alternative To Braces

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As far as orthodontic options, we use Invisalign. The nice thing about Invisalign is that we can collect all our records. We download it on their web-page, and then they give us a preview, and a 3-D view of what we would expect based on what we're trying to accomplish. It allows me to sit down with a patient and show them where they're at now, and what we're trying to accomplish. That gives the patient that visual before we even get started to where they can say, “Yes, that's what I want to do,” or, “No, it's not what I want.”

Whether you are a teenager or adult, you don’t want your teeth covered with metal braces and tiny rubber bands. They look bad, and they feel weird. In the past, there was no alternative. If you wanted straight teeth, you had to deal with it. Thankfully, dental technology has evolved past that with Invisalign.

Invisalign is a system using clear plastic aligners to help reshape your smile into something to be envious about. You change these aligners every couple of weeks, slowly guiding your teeth to where they belong. Because they are clear, they are practically invisible! You can even take them out as needed, especially when you want to brush your teeth. Food doesn’t get caught in them. They are easy to clean. And most people have the smile they want in six to 18 months.

Dr. Vareldzis can even give you a preview of what your teeth will look like after using Invisalign. You can see how beautiful your smile will look before you buy!

Preventive Orthodontics

Orthodontics is about more than just making your smile look its best. Large gaps between your teeth can collect food and become hotspots for harmful bacteria, and teeth that are pushing up against each other make it harder to brush and floss between them, increasing your risk of tooth decay. By realigning your teeth into their proper places, you can experience fewer problems with gum disease and tooth decay.

In the past, orthodontics was complicated, expensive, and not exactly pleasant. But thanks to the new techniques and advances at our Medford, OR dental office, we can offer you preventive, short-term, and even near-invisible orthodontics so you get the beautiful smile you deserve. To schedule a consultation to see what kind of orthodontics are best for your family, call us at 541-779-4196 or 541-773-4435 or send us a message using our convenient online form.


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