Being a family dentist office means seeing you and your family for all kinds of reasons. While you can always see us with emergencies or big problems, we are here for all of your dental needs. We offer a full range of general dentistry procedures to prevent and correct small problems with your family’s teeth before they have a chance to get big and expensive.

Dental Cleanings And Exams

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Our office is basically mercury free, we don't use any amalgam fillings. My philosophy, my theory, is that amalgam, which is a mercury based filling, is bad for the environment. We cannot allow that filling material to go down our drains and our sinks because we're polluting the environment. Why would we want to put it in our patients' mouths if that's the case? Probably 15 years ago, we decided that we were not going to use those types of fillings. There are other alternatives: There is ceramic material, there is composite filling material, that we use. When we're cleaning out a cavity, what determines the type of material that we use is how large or how small is the restoration. Small restorations we can use composite. If exceeds a certain amount of tooth structure, then we have to go to a ceramic restoration. It would be a crown or a partial crown all made of ceramic for the most part, we try not to use any metals in the mouth.

You already know that you need regular dental cleanings and exams to keep up your health. An appointment every six months gives you that “fresh from the dentist” clean that feels so good. But it’s more than polishing and removing plaque. We take digital X-rays, use VELscope for oral cancer screenings, and have 3D scanner technology to take a perfect image of your mouth when needed. This allows us to catch cavities and other problems normally missed by a traditional exam. This technology even allows us to check out the state of your older dental work to make sure everything is fine. We promise to deliver an honest diagnosis and offer as many treatment options as possible.

Of course, traditional technologies like fluoride varnishes and sealants still have their place. Our dental team can use both to help correct minor decay and prevent future cavities.

Gum Disease Treatment

That same 3D scanner technology can be used to spot gum disease as well. Gum disease is when bacteria flourish in your gums. Left untreated, you could soon experience pain, loose teeth, or even teeth that fall out. Root planing and scaling are nonsurgical methods to get rid of the bacteria causing gum disease, but we also have advanced technology like lasers for flapless gum surgery.

Relief From Dry Mouth

Whenever you see an advertisement for a new wonder drug, you inevitably see the list of possible side effects. For some reason, dry mouth always seems to be on those lists. But you need saliva to help chew, nevermind to avoid the weird feeling that comes from a dry tongue. If you are suffering from dry mouth due to prescriptions, diabetes, or just age, we carry Biotène mouthwashes that reduce the irritation and potential bad smells caused by dry mouth.

Protective Mouthguards

Protecting your teeth is always a smart choice. If you or your children are playing sports, you’ll need an athletic mouthguard. Sure, you could buy generic ones at a store, but these are often uncomfortable and slide around. What’s the point of using a mouthguard if it won’t work right? We make all of our mouthguards in our office and customize them to fit your mouth specifically. And if you suffer from bruxism or grinding your teeth, a mouthguard can prevent the enamel from being damaged.

Nutritional Counseling

Food and drink have an obvious effect on your teeth. Sugar leads to tooth decay, while drinks like coffee and wine slowly but surely stain your teeth. Our team is trained in nutritional counseling to help you and your family cut through the confusing research and learn what you should really eat and avoid, not just for your teeth, but for the health of your whole body.

Hillcrest Family Dentistry is here for the dental needs of your whole family. Call us today at 541-779-4196 or 541-773-4435 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment.


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