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We love families. We have little kids from as young as one and a half and two-year olds. We believe that dentistry or exposure to dentistry should start early in life, once their first teeth come in play. We like them to see the hygienist and get them used to the whole environment. Unfortunately, some parents think that the kids need to wait till they're four or five years old before they see the dentist. But actually, the younger they are, the easier it is, the better exposure they get to it, they more comfortable the whole procedure is. We see patients from as young as two years old to as old as in their 90's. We have a range of ages. We love every phase of dentistry and every phase of age.

If you are hoping to find a dental office that can take care of your entire family, you found it. Hillcrest Family Dentistry proudly serves patients of all ages in the Rogue Valley. Our highly trained and experienced team can provide everything from that all-important first visit for your baby to orthodontics for teens and even cosmetic dentistry for adults.

Your Child’s First Visit

It’s recommended that you bring your child to the dentist for the first time around his or her first birthday. By then, baby teeth should have started to come in. But since every child is different, you should make an appointment sooner than that if those baby teeth come early. Our goal is to establish a great experience for your child’s first time. This way, we are setting the stage for stress-free, good visits in the future. Our dental hygienist will visit first, making sure your child is comfortable and happy. Then Dr. “V” will come to check on the teeth and make sure everything is coming in as it should.

Teething Problems

When babies begin to get their first teeth, the gums can get sensitive, swollen, or sore. Babies can get fussy and cranky because this is uncomfortable and confusing to them. This is all normal. But if your baby is acting really fussy, pulls on their ears, rubs their cheeks, or bites a lot, this could mean something is wrong. Although these are just baby teeth, you need to make sure they come in correctly, because they create a path for the adult teeth to follow.

Thumb Sucking

Sucking the thumb is very common with young children. But can it do any harm? Unfortunately, yes. While thumb sucking is perfectly natural, it can cause your child’s permanent teeth to come in crooked and out of alignment. Much the same way braces put a little pressure to move teeth over time, the thumb and sucking can do the same. Normally, your child will stop sucking his or her thumb between 2-4 years old. If it continues, or if your child’s permanent teeth come in early, you should call our office to schedule a consultation to make sure any permanent teeth are unaffected.


Teens are the ones who usually need help with orthodontics, but more and more adults are using them as well to get a perfectly shaped smile. We use Invisalign, clear plastic aligners that give results much faster than traditional metal braces. Even better, they are nearly invisible so you won’t be embarrassed to wear them!

Cosmetic Dentistry

No matter how well you brush and floss, things can happen. Drinking those lattes every day can stain your teeth, and even the most faithful brushers can get cavities. Dr. Vareldzis has several dental treatment options to fit your budget and situation. For example, we could use dental veneers to cover any gaps between teeth as well as discoloration. Tooth bonding is a less permanent but cheaper option for that as well. We can even give you a smile makeover so you have a dazzling, white smile that everyone will notice.

We have solutions to all your dental needs, regardless of your age. Call us at 541-779-4196 or 541-773-4435 or send us a message using our convenient online form.


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