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Crowns are a way or a means for us to be able to restore a tooth to its natural form and function in a situation where there's a lot of breakdown and a filling is just not adequate enough for that tooth. Dealing with missing teeth, we have two options to address missing teeth. One option is a bridge. What that is, is a fixed way, meaning that it doesn't come off. A bridge is where you have a missing tooth that's supported by two anchors to other teeth. Generally that works pretty good and we've had good success in dentistry for a long time with bridges; however, with the advent of implants, that has allowed us to eliminate putting stress on the adjacent teeth by recreating a lost tooth by using an implant to support that tooth without putting extra stress on the adjacent teeth.

Your teeth are hardy and strong, but they are not indestructible. Injuries, accidents, bad habits, and even time can wear down the enamel and cause problems like cavities. Teeth even fall out or get knocked out. Leaving such problems alone is the worst thing you can do. They won’t go away on their own. They will just get worse. Even a missing teeth is a problem, as small bits of food and harmful bacteria can get stuck in that gap, causing problems for the teeth on either side of the space. Thankfully, Dr. Vareldzis and his team of dental professionals has the modern technology and training necessary to give you the help you need.

Avoid Fillings And Repair Decay With Inlays And Onlays

In the old days, dentists used metal fillings to fill in the cavities caused by tooth decay. They work for the most part, and they still have their place in modern dentistry. However, inlays and onlays can sometimes help prevent decay from returning to the site and often do not put any increased stress on the tooth like a metal filling can.

Inlays are replacements for fillings that cover over and seal the damaged part of the tooth. The material is very strong and can match the color of your existing teeth, so it can look good and solve the problem. Onlays are slightly more extensive and can wrap over the edge of a tooth, giving it a bit more strength and durability. Both can be used to repair decay effectively.

Protect Weak Or Damaged Teeth With Dental Crowns

Sometimes, a tooth is extensively damaged from decay or injury, and inlays or onlays won’t work. Instead, a dental crown could be just what you need. These porcelain caps cover the damaged tooth more completely than inlays or onlays, which means it can be used to repair bigger problems. At Hillcrest Family Dentistry, we also offer zirconia crowns for a cap that is incredibly strong.

Fill That Gap With An Implant-Supported Bridge

Dental crowns can work wonders for damaged teeth, but what if the tooth is missing? What good are dental crowns if you are missing one or more teeth? In that case, you can get an implant-supported bridge instead. Dental bridges are artificial teeth crafted to look and feel just like your healthy teeth. They can be supported by crowns on either side of the gap, but if you need to replace several teeth in a row, it’s much safer and more effective to create a bridge with several artificial teeth and secure them with dental implants instead.

Same-Day Crowns With CEREC Technology

At our Medford, OR dental office, we have one of the latest and best dental technologies: CEREC. This system uses digital scanning technology to make an extremely accurate image of your mouth and teeth. Inlays, onlays, and crowns can usually be made in our dental office, often on the same day you come in!

Whether you need dental crown and bridge, inlay, onlay, Dr. Vareldzis and his team have the proper tools and education to meet your dental needs. To schedule a consultation to see how we can help with any damaged or missing teeth, call us at 541-779-4196 or 541-773-4435 or send us a message using our convenient online form.


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