Fair or not, people judge you on your smile. Sure, friends and family know the real you. But what about your coworkers, or the other parents at your child’s school? They can take one look at discolored, ugly teeth and make all kinds of unfair judgments. What are you going to do, never smile? Instead, let Dr. Vareldzis and his team of dental professionals give you the cosmetic dentistry procedures necessary to turn an ugly smile into something absolutely beautiful.

Yellow Teeth? Get Them White Again

Over time, even the healthiest teeth will start to lose their natural, healthy color. Drinking all that coffee, tea, or wine stains your teeth a tiny amount each time, but that adds up quickly. And few things make you look old like yellowed teeth. Get back the pearly whites you once had with Sinsational Smile, a professional-strength system that can give you whiter teeth in just 20 minutes. You can even get take-home trays to continue getting them dazzlingly white.

Chips Or Small Gaps? Veneers And Bonding Will Cover Both

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As far as veneers, there are a lot of different ceramics out there, and so we will pick the ceramic that fits the particular patient. As far as strength or function, aesthetics, so different ceramics give us some different things, but if somebody doesn't like their smile, we try to do as minimal of dentistry as we can. Veneers are a great way to do that, to enhance their smile and give them the look that they are looking for.

Perhaps it’s not just the discolored teeth that give you a reason not to smile. Tiny gaps can grow between teeth over the years, and some teeth can even get small chips or cracks through accident or age. Dental veneers are ultra-thin but incredibly strong shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front of your teeth. They cover over any imperfections and fill in any gaps to protect your teeth and make them look amazing.

Tooth bonding is a similar procedure, but instead of crafting covers for the front of your teeth, thin layers of ceramic resin are applied to your natural teeth to cover and fill in any imperfections.

Need Fast Results? Try Snap-On Smile

If you have problems with yellow teeth and chips, Snap-On Smile can quickly fix both. A set of attractive, strong covers are made for your teeth. These snap on over your teeth, covering up any stains or gaps. Plus, they can easily come out for cleaning.

Teeth Out Of Place? Invisalign Fixes That

Teeth whitening and veneers won’t help much if you have a few teeth that are crooked or sticking out at a weird angle. Such teeth are eyesores in your smile, but thankfully you can quickly get that fixed. Our Medford, OR office has Invisalign clear plastic orthodontics to carefully move your teeth to a natural, attractive look. These are the “invisible braces” you might have heard of, and they can work in as little as six months.

Need More? Try Teeth Contouring & Crown Lengthening

Maybe your teeth are in really bad shape, or you want something more permanent but faster than Invisalign. If so, teeth contouring might be good for you. In this procedure, Dr. Vareldzis carefully removes small layers of enamel to gently change the shape of a tooth. This smooths out irregularities and can fix small chips. We’ve also had patients feel self-conscious about having small teeth, so Dr. Vareldzis can also do crown lengthening for you. By slowly and carefully reshaping the gum and bone tissue under your teeth, you get more of the tooth visible.

Hate Your Gumline? We Can Reshape It

Teeth aren’t the only culprit when it comes to ugly smiles. Maybe you’re unhappy with your smile because your gums are too high, making your teeth look huge. Maybe it’s the opposite — your gums are too low, making your teeth look tiny. Our laser gum reshaping can fix both problems by changing the look of the gums.

Dr. Vareldzis and his team can give you a complete smile makeover, or we can provide any of the cosmetic options above to give you a smile to be proud of. Call us at 541-779-4196 or 541-773-4435 or send us a message using our convenient online form to schedule a consultation.


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