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If you're embarrassed to smile, we would want to know, first of all, what is the main cause of that? Is it because of the fact that you don't like your teeth, you don't like the way they look, do you have cavities that show. We want to know what it is. We want to get to the base of it, so that we can help you formulate a plan that we can get you to be able to smile again.

Do you dread showing off your smile? Are your teeth so yellow, chipped, or out of place that you fear people will make fun of you behind your back? Unfortunately, you know that’s exactly what some people will do — and chances are, they’ll do it behind your back so you never hear it. To make matters worse, these aren’t just cosmetic issues. If ignored, they can turn into serious health problems. Do you want to lose more teeth because you never took care of the one that fell out years ago?

Your family shouldn’t have to deal with lost confidence and embarrassment over their smiles. At Hillcrest Family Dentistry, we have the cosmetic dentistry services you and your family need to regain your confident personality as well as your good health.

Discolored Teeth? Time For Teeth Whitening

Love those Starbucks lattes? Who doesn’t? But all that coffee makes your teeth look ugly. Over time, your teeth will get stained by coffee, wine, and even just age. And when your smile looks dull and yellowed, you’re not going to feel like smiling. We’re not suggesting you drink less wine and coffee! Don’t take away your reasons to smile. Instead, make an appointment with our dental office to get those teeth white again. We offer Sinsational Smile, a proven system that whitens your teeth in just 20 minutes, as well as take-home trays for continued whitening.

Misshapen Teeth? Try Dental Veneers

Your family is busy as it is. Between work, school, sports, and activities, there’s hardly any time left in the day. The last thing you want is a long, complicated dental procedure requiring visit after visit. Seriously, who has time for that? But if your teeth are chipped, cracked, or just plain old ugly, you do not have to sit through a ton of visits. Dental veneers are a quick solution for both stains and disfigured teeth. Thin shells of porcelain are bonded to the front of the offending teeth, covering up all the problems. Even better, this is a very quick procedure.

Missing Teeth? Fill Gaps With Bridges And Implants

Nothing stands out quite like a missing tooth. Everyone’s eyes are drawn to that black spot as soon as you smile. And if they’re trying to focus on why you’re missing a tooth, they’re not paying attention to you. If that isn’t enough, food can get stuck along the gumline of the neighboring teeth, causing cavities and gum disease. Fortunately, dental bridges and crowns can help. A dental bridge uses a false tooth made to look exactly like your natural teeth, securely filling the gap. For a more permanent solution, you can have an artifical tooth implanted in the space.

Crooked Teeth? Get Invisalign For Invisible Orthodontics

Even if you’re not missing a tooth, a smile full of crooked teeth just looks bad. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teen or adult with this problem, everyone is embarrassed about it. But what are you going to do, get metal braces and rubber bands? You’re trying to avoid embarrassment, not make it worse. Don’t sit back and endure; get it fixed with Invisalign. These clear plastic aligners gently push your teeth back in their proper place. Better yet, they’re invisible!

With today’s technology, there’s no need to be embarrassed about your smile. Call us today at 541-779-4196 or 541-773-4435 or use our online form to make an appointment.


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