What’s Not There Can Stop You From Eating Comfort Foods

May 21, 2016

Let’s face it, modern life as a parent is stressful. Balancing work and family, getting everyone where they need to go, washing the uniforms before practice, trying to remember what your kids want from McDonald’s — it takes a toll. Stress is a serious problem in our lives today. We tell ourselves we’re going to exercise more and simplify our lives, but that’s easier said than done. More often than not, we need a little comfort food in our life. We’re not talking about eating too much junk, but having some ice cream at the end of a long, long day can do wonders for your mood.

Everyone has foods that they turn to when times get rough. That’s not just natural; it’s a good thing (within moderation, of course). But what happens when you can’t? Imagine going to a backyard barbecue. Lots of fun people are there, burgers and dogs are on the grill, it’s time to eat — and they bring out corn on the cob. What’s a barbecue in America without it, right? Warm corn on the cob dripping with butter and just a little salt is so good.

Now imagine you can’t eat it.


Sometimes, It’s The Little Things That Matter

That’s what can happen when you are missing teeth. It really doesn’t matter if you lost the teeth from an accident, bad tooth decay, or untreated gum disease, the gap in your smile can make it all but impossible to eat that corn on the cob. And that’s just one fun food. Some people have trouble taking a bite out of a crisp apple, tearing into a steak fresh off the grill, or even crunching on some chips and salsa.

That missing tooth can stop you from eating the foods you need to stay sane. Sure, it’s a small thing. But that’s the point. Small things add up. When you’ve had a rough day at work and spent most of your time at home helping with homework and baking cupcakes for the upcoming bake sale that you just learned about that day, a treat can make all the difference. Take away even the little stuff, and your day just went from stressful to messed up.


Get That Problem Fixed With A Dental Implant

What can you do? When you’re missing a tooth, a dental implant can fix the problem for decades to come. But what’s a dental implant? And does it hurt?

Dental implants are artificial teeth held in place with an artificial root. Your regular teeth have roots that reach into the bone, making sure the teeth are held firmly in place. That’s why we start by implanting a titanium root in the spot. We give it some time to heal, and this gives the jawbone time to fuse with the titanium, allowing for the same strength and durability like any natural tooth. Once it’s healed, we make an artificial tooth that looks just like your current teeth and attach it to the root. And since your jaw is designed to have roots in it, the implant stops the bone from losing density and strength over time.


Long-Lasting Solutions

Dental implant procedures need a few visits to finish, but it’s exactly what Dr. Vareldzis is trained to do. Even better, you can get back to eating all of those treats you need when the day gets to be too much. And because we make the dental implant to match the size and color of your other teeth, no one will know it’s there unless you tell them. Many dental implants can last 20 years or even a lifetime, so this is one of those things you can get done and forget about.

Dental implant surgery needs a good amount of bone underneath to work. Otherwise, there’s not enough stuff there for the root to fuse with. To get around that, we can use mini dental implants. They aren’t as long-lasting as regular implants, but since they use smaller roots, they fit where other implants won’t. And “mini” only refers to the root; the artificial tooth still looks and feels like a real tooth.

If what’s not there is getting in the way of you enjoying your comfort foods, Hillcrest Family Dentistry can use dental implants to solve this problem. Call us today at 541-930-8036 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment.


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