Treating Bruxism & TMJ Troubles At The Dentist

December 8, 2016

Stress-induced Bruxism can lead to sore jaws, headaches, migraines, and TMD (temporomandibular disorder). That’s why Dr. Vareldzis and the team here at our Medford, OR dentist’s office offer creative and effective solutions for alleviating the TMJ-related pain and restoring your mouth to a ...

Professional Teeth Whitening That Works In Medford, OR

December 2, 2016

Are your yellow teeth making you feel blue this holiday season? Our Medford, OR dentist’s office can help brighten your outlook with Sinsational Smile, a professional-strength teeth whitening system that can give you whiter teeth in just 20 minutes. You can even get our take-home trays to take ...

Get Braces Without The Metal In Medford, OR

November 25, 2016

If you desperately want to fix your annoying orthodontic issues, but you don’t want to look worse during the treatment process, you really should consider an Invisalign smile realignment. There won’t be any metal brackets or wires (like the ones pictured here). That means: No pain ...

Adult Tooth Loss Can Be Avoided In Medford, OR!

November 21, 2016

While modern dentistry makes it easier than ever for Dr. V to permanently replace missing teeth, today, we’ve opted to take look at some of the contributing factors behind tooth loss in adults, with the hope that such information can help you hang onto your natural smile all through life. Keep ...

Where To Find Invisalign In Medford, OR!

November 18, 2016

The year is almost over. That means that it is time to cash in your 2016 dental insurance benefits before they go away. Unfortunately, they don’t roll over. After you’ve scheduled your next checkup, you might want to think about setting some goals for next year, like fixing your crooked, ...

Are Your Dental Insurance Benefits Expiring?

November 15, 2016

Here is some important news to keep in mind as we get closer to the end of 2016: dental insurance benefits typically follow an annual cycle. It is pretty much a use it or lose it scenario. Since most insurance plans will cover two professional teeth cleanings per year, if you don’t come into ...

Get Your Implant-Supported Dentures In Medford, OR

November 10, 2016

If you have been in search of a great restorative dentist in Medford, OR, look no further. Dr. Vareldzis has the tools and the know-how to effectively treat your tooth loss situation once and for all through modern dentures supported by dental implants. This simple process will restore your ...

Preventive Dentistry Is A Partnership In Medford, OR

November 2, 2016

If you are ready for a preventive dentistry program that really works, you will want to visit a dentist’s office in Medford, OR that cares enough to invest in the latest dental technologies, yet can easily explain the basics to you and your family in layman’s terms. To that end, in ...

Dr. V’s Holiday Smile Solutions In Medford, OR

October 31, 2016

It’s time to sound the alarm: the holidays are right around the corner. So, if your smile leaves something to be desired, you will want to whip your teeth and gums into shape before your friends, family, loved ones–and their cameras get a closer look. How can you boost the appearance of ...

Preparing For Dental Emergencies in Medford, OR

October 27, 2016

Your dental care can’t always be neatly mapped out at our Medford, OR dentist’s office. Between accidents, injuries, neglect, and dumb luck, you could find yourself faced with a dental emergency any time, anywhere. That’s why, at Hillcrest Family Dentistry, we keep time open in our daily ...


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