Dr. Vareldzis opened Hillcrest Family Dentistry to provide the ultimate family dental care to Medford and the surrounding Oregon communities in the Rogue Valley. And by staying focused on new technologies, traditional care, and convenient payment options, our office continues to be the perfect dental office for your entire family.

Compassionate And Honest Care

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Kind of a slogan, but an office philosophy, basically, is we try to cater to the individual. Everyone's a little bit different. Everybody has the unique needs and wants. We try to kind of figure out between the patient and us what's the best route for them to take. We try to basically custom make the dentistry that they need based on their priorities, their roles, and also things that make sense as far as what we see in their mouth.

Any decent dentist can provide basic dental procedures like cleanings and X-rays. But Dr. Vareldzis and his professional dental team take pride in being both compassionate and honest with you. You need to hear what’s good and what’s bad with your teeth, but you also need that communicated in a respectful way. You don’t hear lectures or condescending tones here. Instead, you get honest, holistic diagnoses delivered with compassion. We also care about our world, which is why we have invested in green technology such as paperless billing.

Modern Technology For Today’s Needs

Being nice and respectful is good, but that only goes so far. Even the nicest dentist in the world can’t help you if he has outdated tools. That’s why Dr. Vareldzis has invested in the latest dental technology. You can receive accurate oral cancer screenings with our VELscope system. If you need crowns, they are made and put in on the same day thanks to our CEREC system. We also use 3D scanning to ensure crowns, inlays, and onlays match your teeth perfectly. And if you need orthodontics, you can get Invisalign clear braces to fix misaligned teeth without embarrassment.

Complete Dental Health Focus

Teeth are obviously the focus of any dental visit, but there’s much more to dentistry than your smile. Harmful bacteria can take root in your gums, causing gum disease that can lead to tooth loss. Teeth grinding can not only damage your teeth but can also contribute to a condition called TMD that creates jaw pain. Your mouth can even lead to sleep problems due to sleep apnea. At Hillcrest Family Dentistry, we have the tools and training to help take care of all these problems.

CareCredit To Help You Afford Needed Care

Some people avoid necessary dental care due to the cost. Unfortunately, this only kicks the expense down the road and makes it worse. To save you money and discomfort, our office offers payment plans through CareCredit. And if you pay off your services in full within a certain time period, there is no interest.

With our commitment to compassion, choice, technology, and affordability, Hillcrest Family Dentistry is the dentist for you and your whole family. You can call us at 541-779-4196 or 541-773-4435 or use our convenient online form if you have any questions or to schedule your next appointment.


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